D16S March Beach DCM

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Lt. Governor Mary Grace Lewis and Burbank President Daniel Park spent a month planning Division 16 South's last & unforgettable DCM at the beautiful Playa Del Rey beach. 

We all got up bright and early to get on a bus filled with 60 White Tigers ready and excited to enjoy a day at the beach. We arrived at Playa Del Rey beach ready for the beach clean-up, but a supervisor from Heal The Bay, the organization we paired up with, told us they needed desperate help at the Ballona Wetland- a nearby creek that leads water into the ocean.

We all arrived at the wetland and we were so shocked. Due to recent storms in Southern California, the entire area was infested with loads of trash. We spent the next two hours picking up an excessive amount of trash. I clean a ridiculous amount of cigarettes, Styrofoams, plastic wrappers,bottle caps, syringes (very hazardous), leftover foods, and more! It was a true eye-opening experience for all of us to see how much waste is left in our natural environment. It was the first that we felt like we were making a huge difference for Mother Nature.

Two hours later, we beautified Ballona Wetlands by filling up almost 40 bags of trash waste. I remember feeling an accomplishing, altruistic warmth in my heart!

By noon, we spent the next few hours relaxing and enjoying the beach. It was a really special way for us to bond with fellow White Tigers.

At 3:00 PM we began our DCM, and we had the most attendance by far. 63 members gather together for our last DCM for the term! We all took time to reflect a special memory or experience we made this year, and it was great way for newer members to learn how Key Club can really impact young leaders.

This by far was my favorite DCMs ever. Not only did we get to contribute to an awesome service project, but it was a great way to end Mary Grace's term as Lt. Governor. It makes me, her succeeding elect, so excited of whats to come for Division 16 South. I am so blessed to be part of this amazing organization, for it was given me wonderful memories that is shared with the people I love and truly care about.