Key Club Service Hours

Definition of Service Hour
According to Key Club International, A service-hour constitutes any hour of service performed by an individual Key Club member with the approval of his/her club’s board of directors. (Key Club International Guide book: Article XXVII: Section F: Sub-section 7). This means that each club’s Board of Directors directly chooses how and which hours count towards a member’s overall service total.

Importance of Service Hours
Keeping track of service hours is extremely essential to see progress within your club, division, and district. Every single hour counts and it is also a great way to see how much you have served in total every year. Check out our Service Hour Guide and Service Hour Forms below to learn more about service hours.

Service Hour Forms:
The following are service hour forms to help you keep track of hours.
1. Club Event Service Hours Form: This form is for keeping track of service hours from events that club officers provide for the club.
2. Individual Event Service Hours Form: This form is to keep track of individual service hours that you perform on your own time. This is a way to have other service hours counted towards Key Club hours. There are two versions for this form: landscape and mini-pocket version. Print out what is more convenient for you when going to service hour events.
3. Individual Service Hours Log: This form is used to keep track of how many hours you may have in total (club and individual service hours). Utilizing this will also help you when filling out scholarships that require you to provide a documentation of all your service hours.

  • CNH Key Club Service Hours Guide  |  PDF
  • Club Event Service Hours Form  |  PDF  DOC
  • Individual Event Service Hours Form (landscape version) |  PDF  DOC
  • Individual Event Service Hours Form (mini-pocket version) |  PDF  DOC
  • Individual Service Hours Log |  PDF  DOC