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District Secretary Cecilia uses what acronym to organize her goals for Key Club?


How much money has been raised towards Project Eliminate within the CNH District?

As of November 2014, $233,725.70

Name the six social media

Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Where can you find a list of District contact information?

Contacts Page

How are the Ideas for service projects organized on the Ideas & Events Page?

Preparation time

What District Newsletter issue features articles and information from the 2014 International Convention?

August, Volume 6, Issue 3

Name a document

Agenda / Calendar / Document / Half Sheet / Minutes / Sign in & Out Sheet

Where can you find a list of Key Club scholarships available on the CNH CyberKey?

Member Recognition Page

AdvisorOfYear / 50hours / CertificateThanks / MemberofMonth / MostHours / Spirited / OutstandingOfficer / BlankTemplate


What is the name of the page that has guides and protocols related to online safety, communication, and professionalism?

Marketing Page / The Hive

Where can I find a list of reflector groups?

Contacts Page / Uncategorized Page / URL

Name the first five chartered Key Clubs

Sacramento, Monterey, Oakland Technical, Hemet, and Stockton (now Edison) High Schools.