Member Recognition

What is the MR Committee?

"MR" stands for Member Recognition.  The Member Recognition Committee recognizes and awards individuals, clubs, and advisors for their achievements throughout the year.

Access the Recognition reflector here for updates and information throughout the year!

 Hello CNH Bees!

 Welcome to the recognition tab of the CyberKey. Here you will find the contest guidelines and various resources, several of which are entirely new. The 2013-2014 MR Committee proudly presents contest checklists to assist you/the club you serve prepare for contests. As you complete each item on the checklist, mark it off! Also, on each set of contest guidelines you shall find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheets. If you have any questions which cannot be answered by the FAQ sheets or your lieutenant governor, contact MR Chair Carissa. Furthermore, we encourage club officers to use the provided certificates to recognize the members they serve; there are many new templates available. Another main resource is the Contest Coordinator Handbook, which will give you an overview of every contest CNH has to offer. 

Various resources available for your use. We encourage you to explore every corner of the recognition tab. If you still have questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact your lieutenant governor, MR Chair Carissa, or any MR Committee members. As the MR Committee, we strive to recognize hard workers in the CNH District and we are here to help! 

2013-2014 CNH Contests & Awards submissions are now open!

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(2014 applications are posted on the contest page (click here))
Check out the new Contest Coordinator Handbook