Project Ideas


School is back again and there are many younger students who can be assisted.  The Major Emphasis Program this year focuses on helping children learn and grow. There are three separate focuses for this program: Improving Grades, Giving Back, and Growing Together.  There are many ways we can give back and help these young students. Here are a couple ideas to get started:

Adopting an Elementary School

The things people learn when they're young influence them for life. That is why, for the Major Emphasis Program "Live 2 Learn," we need go back to school … elementary school, that is. The purpose of this project is to give kids a place to go after school to continue learning through hands on activities, such as arts and crafts, playing instruments, playing sports, and sharpening their reading and composition skills. The entire project depends on volunteers and funding through donations and fundraisers. However, before you feel discouraged, know that many companies, parents, and teachers would donate their time and money.


Back to School Backpacks

Many children in our own neighborhoods do not have the money for school supplies.  These things are crucial for our younger generation to fully meet the potential they have in school.  It is our responsibility not only as key clubbers but an older generation to look after these children.  The basic idea is to put together Back "Packs" that include: pencils, paper, pens, erasers, etc. Various school supplies that we use everyday and maybe some do not. Then donate it to a school nearby or a school that you know needs the help and let the students do their own school shopping.  You'll make the students happy and the parents relieved. 

Big Brother/Big Sister

Our youth need someone to look up to and we are those people.  Work with a local elementary school and maybe devote your time to one class of 5th graders.  As summer is drawing an end it's not the easiest time to work with elementary schools, that's not always true.  After school get a bunch of Key Clubbers and walk down to your elementary school and work with them when you both have time. 


Big Kid vs. Little Kid Game

Many children out there are filled with tons of energy. This project can help them run around and burn off some of that energy. The idea is very basic: host a big kid vs. little kid sports game. This idea is very flexible and you can choose from various sports. All you have to do is get a few club members to volunteer to play against younger students. Remember that some sports may be too risky or dangerous to play with younger students. Avoid any situation that can cause injuries. Be safe and have fun.

Hero Bracelets

We could also go around to elementary schools and help them make bracelets to give to local firemen, letting them know that they're grateful of their presence. These bracelets could have 4 block beads that spell out H-E-R-O. I think it's important that heroes should be recognized from all different ages and so an elementary school event may be a good idea to show that younger ages care also. The elementary school could then make a field trip to visit the fire department and each give a firefighter one of their handmade bracelets.



Reading Buddies

One other thing you can also do is open a reading program too called "Reading buddies". Do you know how many elementary kids Struggle in reading. Opening this reading program would help a lot. You can probably schedule to have this on the same day as your homework club or have them twice a week.


For the Major Emphasis Project, Live 2 Learn clubs can have “Getting back into school” tutoring sessions for the first week, trying to help students learn good study habits and developing brother/ sister tutors that students can rely on through the year to help them.