Executive Team

DGov Angelica Garcia
 Angelica Garcia

I hope to bring about positive change to the Cali-Nev-Ha Key Club District. My goals are an influx of new members in all clubs, a rise inthe amount of funds raised for the PediatricTrauma Program, and a tremendous number of recorded service hours!

DSec Margarett Lee
 JiMin Margarett Lee

Hello hello! My name is JiMin Margarett Lee
and I have been given the honor to serve as your Cali-Nev-Ha District Secretary. I am
absolutely enthralled to be serving alongside such wonderful leaders this year. Please don't hesitate to come to me with any questions, I would love to help!

DTreasurer R9 Vivian Chu
 Vivian Chu

What’s Buzzin’, CNH? My name is Vivian Chu and I have the honor of serving as your 2017-2018 District Treasurer. Aside from
encouraging members to pay dues, I enjoy
spending time with my dogs. I look forward
to a successful term with you all!

Leadership Team

 DNE R9 Zoe Yao
District News Editor
Zoe Yao

Hello CNH! I'm Zoe Yao and honored to serve you as District News Editor. This term has endless
possibiliBEEs, and I can't wait to see you all succeed!

             DTecircle R13 D15S RolandDelmundo 180106 copy                 District Tech Editor
Roland Del Mundo

Buzz buzz CNH! It's Roland Del Mundo here and I
proudly serve as your District Tech Editor. Be sure
to follow all CNH social media, and keep on posting bees!

 DVME R3 Kelly Tran
 District Video Media Editor
Kelly Tran

What's Poppin CNH! I'm unbelievably excited to serve you all as District Visual Media Editor. Here's to a year of possibiliBEEs and the many resources I'll email to the reflector!

 GDC Trinity Tran Nguyen
Communications & Marketing
 Trinity Tran Nguyen

What's buzzin', creative bees? Along 
with talented artists across CNH, I serve 
to create informative & effective graphics for 
you to use! But for now, it’s time for rest!

 DCON R13 Samantha Voong
District Convention
Samantha Voong

Aloha CNH! From planning DCON from start to
finish, I'm excited to serve as your 2017-18 District Convention Chair! Join us on an Adventure Safari, April 13-15, 2018!

 KFF R12 Jesus Aguiniga
Kiwanis Family & Foundation
 Jesus Aguiniga

 Hello CNH! My name is Jesus Aguiniga and I proudly serve as your KFF chair for the 2017 - 2018 term!

 CNH MR Charlotte Wood R18
Member Recogntion
 Charlotte Wood

 Hello CNH! My name is Charlotte Wood and I
proudly serve as the Member Recognition Committee Chair! Remember, don't work for recognition, but do work worthy of recognition. 

 DTreasurer R9 Vivian Chu
Member Relations
 Vivian Chu

 Hello CNH! My name is Vivian Chu and I proudly serve as your interim MRS chair for the 2017 - 2018 term!

 PIE R5 Kai Catarata
Policy Int'l & Elections
Kai Catarata

 I'm so excited to serve you as the chair of PIE! I
hope to educate and inform you about Policies
and what's happening on the International Level!


 SP R7 Alex Gatus
Service Projects
Alex Gatus

BUZZ BUZZ CNH! I’m Alex Gatus & I serve as the CNH Service Projects Chair. With a little bit of passion, ambition, and effort, we'll change the world


 GDC Trinity Tran Nguyen
Graphics Department
 Trinity Tran-Nguyen

What's buzzin', creative bees? Along
with talented artists across CNH, I serve
to create informative & effective graphics for
you to use! But for now, it’s time for rest! 

  KLC Lindy Chen
Key Leader
 Lindy Chen

What's buzzin' bees! My name is Lindy Chen and I serve as your KLC! Be sure to attend KeyLeader this year and the Possibilibees are endless!

 IMG 8623

 Sergeant At Arms
 Eduardo Torres

Hello CNH! My name is Eduardo Torres,
humble-bee serving as your SAA coordinator.
I am confident that this year will be memorable!

Lieutenant Governors

R9 D2 Angela Wong 
Division 2
Angela Wong
R7 D3N Alexandria Jo 
Division 3 North
Alexandria Jo
R7 D3S Kayla Kirsten Regalado 
Division 3 South
Kayla Kirsten Regalado
R3 D4E Josephine Pham 
Division 4 East
Josephine Pham
R3 D4N Christine Dang 
Division 4 North
Christine Deng
R3 D4W Vinh Nguyen 
Division 4 West
Vinh Nguyen
R12 D5N Brittney Rodriguez 
Division 5 North
Britney Rodriguez
R12 D5S Ismael Vera 
Division 5 South
Ismael Vera
R16 D7N Olivia Fu 
Division 7 North
Olivia Fu
R16 D7S Anthony Chan 
Division 7 South
Anthony Chan
R9 D8 Fermin Bautista 
Division 8
Fermin Bautista
R13 D10N Jeremy Xu 
Division 10 North
Jeremy Xu
 R13 D10S Wilson Yeung 
Division 10 South
Wilson Yeung
R1 D11 Nathaniel Banlusak 
Division 11
Nathaniel Banlusak
R17 D12E Minah Yang 
Division 12 East
Minah Yang 
R17 D12S Kristy Le 
Division 12 South
Kristy Le
R17 D12W Isabelle Trinh 
Division 12 West
Isabelle Trinh
R8 D13N Matthew Piwdee 
Division 13 North
Matthew Piwdee
 R8 D13S Katherine Luza 
Division 13 South
Katherine Luza
R8 D13W Stephanie Miranda 
Division 13 West
 Stephanie Miranda
R13 D51E Tyler Ma 
Division 15 East
Tyler Ma
 R13 D15N Allie Price 
Division 15 North
Allie Price
 R13 D15S Michelle ho 
Division 15 South
Michelle Ho
 R7 D16E Brian Pham 
Division 16 East
Brian Pham
 R7 D16N Nicole Sohn 
Division 16 North
Nicole Sohn
R7 D16 Rebeca Gasper 
Division 16 South
Rebeca Gasper
 R7 D16W Nicholas Aguas 
Division 16 West
Nicholas Aguas
 R11 D18E Jenna Perez 
Division 18 East
Jenna Perez
Division 18 West
See Region Advisor
 R8 D19N Hazel Cartagena 
Division 19 North
Hazel Cartagena
 R8 D19S Christopher Kao 
Division 19 South
Christopher Kao
R15 D2032 Annaleigh Nguyen 
Division 20
Annaleigh Nguyen 
R2 D21 Vy Nguyen 
Division 21
Vy Nguyen
R18 D22H Erica Cheung 
Division 22 Hikina
Erica Cheung
R18 D22K Keith Cahola 
Division 22 Komohana
Keith Ellen Cachola
 R18 D22M Yoshiyama 
Division 22 Makai
Kara Yoshiyama
 R6 D23 JacquelynLeung LTG 
Division 23
Jacquelyn Leung
 R10 D24 Kavindra NIchols Blount 
Division 24
Kavindra Nichols-Blount
 R9 D26N Lily Yau 
Division 26 North
Lily Yau
 R9 D26S Jonathan Lum 3 
Division 26 South
Jonathan Lum
 R16 D27N Kimberly Hoang 
Division 27 North
Kimberly Hoang
 R16 D27S Alex Hin 
Division 27 South
Alex Hin
 R5 D28E Bethany Girma 
Division 28 East
Bethany Girma
 R5 D28W Ritchie Paek 
Division 28 West
Ritchie Paek
 R5 D28N Sophia Nguyen 
Division 28 North
Sophia Nguyen
 R5 D28S NoahLopez 
Division 28 South
Noah Lopez
 R10 D29 LTG Natalie Tayahua 
Division 29
Natalie Tayahua
 R3 D30N Victoria Chu 
Division 30 North
Victoria Chau
R3 D30S Vivian Bui 
Division 30 South
Vivian Bui
R1 D31 Nancy Pham 
Division 31
Nancy Pham
R15 D2032 Annaleigh Nguyen 
Division 32
Annaleigh Nguyen
R11 D33 Noe Garcia 
Division 33
Noe Garcia
D34N Kayla Portrait 
Division 34 North
Kayla Tai
R17 D34S Veronica Martin 
Division 34 South
Veronica Martin
 R13 D35E March Suayngam 
Division 35 East
March Suayngam
 R13 D35W Guy Suankaew 
Division 35 West
Guy Suankanew
 R4 D36E Yenna Chang 
Division 36 East
Yenna Chang
 R4 D36W Kaylyn Holt 
Division 36 West
Kaylyn Hoy
 R2 D37E Kyle Shaffer 
Division 37 East
Kyle Shaffer
 R2 D37N Cindy Tsai 
Division 37 North
Cindy Tsai
R2 D37S Kerry Wang 
Division 37 South
Kerry Wang
R2 D37W Emily Sim 
Division 37 West
Emily Sim
R5 D38E Sophia Kim 
Division 38 East
Sophia Kim
R5 38W Aubrey Gilman 
Division 38 West
Aubrey Gilman
R14 D14 Lily Marshell 
Division 14/39
Lily Marshall
R3 D41N Oliva Dinh 
Division 41 North
Olivia Dinh
R3 D41S Ryan Dunn 
Division 41 South
Ryan Dunn
R10 D42E Mehul Chowdarapu 
Division 42 East
Mehul Chodarapu
R10 D42W Roselyn Romero 
Division 42 West
Roselyn Romero
R17 D43 Leanne Bagood 
Division 43
Leanne Bagood
R16 D44N Ryan Hardmeyer 2 
Division 44 North
Ryan Hardmeyer
R16 D44S Katie Knapp 
Division 44 South
Katie Knapp
R6 D45 Tegan Dalle Nogare 
Division 45
Tegan Nogore
R12 D46N Philip Gergis 
Division 46 North
Phillip Gergis
IMG 0626  
Division 46 South
David Chen
 R4 D47 Rachael Kee 
Division 47
Rachael Kee