Executive Team

DGOV Jonathan Lum

Jonathan Lum

Greetings, CNH! My name is Jonathan Lum and I serve you as your District Governor. This year, I hope that together we can improve the member experience, better our service to our communities, and increase our membership numbers. I am BEE-yond excited to serve alongside all of you and if you ever have a question, please feel free to ask me!

DSEC Zoe Yao 1

Zoe Yao

Buzz Buzz, CNH! My name is Zoe Yao and I am BEE-yond honored to serve YOU as your District Secretary this year! I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to serve such a wonderful group of people, and I look forward to seeing the district thrive. You'll hear this a lot this term, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you do. With your hard work, passion, and spirit, we can change the world.

DTReas Kara Yoshiyama

Kara Yoshiyama

Aloha CNH! My name is Kara Yoshiyama and I am honored to serve you as your 2018-2019 District Treasurer. I live on the beautiful island of Hawaii and I am estatic to be the first ever executive from the “H” in CNH. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things our district accomplishes this term. Don’t forget, it’s always a beautiful day to save lives....and pay your due$!!
Leadership Team

LT DNE Jenny Chen

District News Editor
Jenny Chen

Buzz buzz, CNH! I'm Jenny Chen and I proudly serve as your District News Editor! Remember to continue to serve your community by putting your best self forward- as Roald Dahl once said, "Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world"!

DTE D26S Archishma Kavalipati 180526

District Technlogy Editor
Archishma Kavalipati

Hey there, CNH! My name is Archishma Kavalipati and I am BEE-yond excited to be serving as your District Technology Editor for the 2018-2019 term! Make sure to check the CyberKey and CNH Social Media for all the latest updates from CNH!

DVME Leo Tafoya

District Video Media Editor
Leo Tafoya

What's Poppin CNH! I'm unbelievably excited to serve you all as District Visual Media Editor. Here's to a year of possibiliBEEs and the many resources I'll email to the reflector!

LT CM Nathaniel Banlusak
Communications & Marketing
Nathaniel Banlusak

Buzz Buzz, CNH! My name is Nathaniel Banlusak and I proudly serve as your Communications and Marketing Chair! Some things about myself; I enjoy going on bruch/boba runs with my friends, dance, and of course, Key Club! On the District Board, the Communications and Marketing Committee, also known as CM, is composed of eight Lieutenant Governors, as well as our three district editors, all working towards showcasing what CNH and Key Club are all about, and also making sure that all members are kept up-to-date with what's happening throughout the district. Expect to see a wave of new graphics, infoguides, and more from the CM committee this year!

LT DCON Minah Yang 180526
District Convention
Minah Yang

Buzz buzz, CNH Bees! My name is Minah Yang and I am so thrilled to be serving the CNH District as Convention Chair for the 2018-2019 term! In my free time I enjoy sleeping, procrastinating on homework, and annoying my cat named Elvis. I look forward to seeing you all from April 12-14th in Ontario, California for DCON 2019: Service in Wonderland!

LT KFF Brandon Ma 180526
Kiwanis Family & Foundation
Brandon Ma

Hello CNH! My name is Brandon Ma and I am ecstatic to serve you as the 2018-2019 Kiwanis Family and Foundation Chair. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, hanging out with friends, and attending a variety of service events. I will be working with the KFF Committee to promote Key Leader, strengthen the bonds between the other branches of the Kiwanis Family, spread awareness about the Pediatric Trauma Program, and promote the various resources that the CNH and International Foundations offer.

LT MR Annaleigh Nguyen 180526
Member Recognition
Annaleigh Nguyen

Hello hello, CNH! My name is Annaleigh Nguyen and I proudlyserve YOU as your Member Recognition Chair for the 2018-2019 term! I have many things planned for this year such as releasing more certificate templates and making the contests moreunderstandable in addition, I am looking forward to see everything that you all do too! Remember to continue working hard to serve your communities because then, recognition will be earned!

LT MDE Christopher Kao
Membership Development & Education
Christopher Kao

Whats hoppin CNH? My name is Christopher Kao and I am BEEyond excited to be serving as your Membership Development & Education Chair throughout the term! My passions include late night bonding with my friends, competitive cycling, and Key Club! The MDE committee is composed of eleven Lieutenant Governors, all working hard to bring educational resources and programs to all of you. Throughout the term, You will see the bulk of our work in District Pen-Pals, Region Training Conference, and District Convention presentations.

PIE Rita
Policy, International & Elections
Phuonguyen Rita Nguyen

Greetings CNH! My name is Phuonguyen Rita Nguyen and I am BUZZIN' with excitement to serve YOU as the Policy, International Business & Elections Chair for the 2018-2019 term! My extensive love for civil engagement and legislative process drives me to perform my best work for you all. I can not wait to educate the district about our various policies, international programs and elections. The PIE Committee and I are excited to be providing golden slices of service to the members of CNH this term!


LT SP Lilly Marshall
Service Projects
Lily Marshall

What’s buzzin’ CNH?! My name is Lily Marshall and I have the honor of serving you as your 2018-2019 Service Projects Chair! I can’t wait to work with the 11 AMAZING Lieutenant Governors of the Service Projects Committee to bring you all kinds of new and informative resources to help you better serve your homes, schools, and communities. Stay tuned for new service projects and fundraiser ideas, as well as tips and tricks on how to plan and execute them! If you have any questions or new ideas you’d like to share with CNH, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, and don’t forget to submit to the SOSP!!

Lieutenant Governors
LTG D2N Tina Lin 180526
Division 2 North
Tina Lin
LTG D2S Vivian Luong 180526
Division 2 South
Vivian Luong
LTG D3N Rachel Coventry 180526
Division 3 North
Rachel Coventry
LTG D3S Nivram Castro 180526
Division 3 South
Nivram Castro
LTG D4E Chelsie Tsai 180526
Division 4 East
Chelsie Tsai
LTG D4C Mulan Homo 180526
Division 4 Central
Mulan Homo
LTG D4N Emily Ngo 180526
Division 4 North
Emily Ngo
LTG D4S Sydney Karimi 180526
Division 4 South
Sydney Karimi
LTG D4W Josh Hessel 180526
Division 4 West
Josh Hessel
Division 5 North
LTG D5SN Allyson Bautista 180526
Division 5 South
Allyson Bautista
LTG D7N Victoria Chen 180526
Division 7 North
Victoria Chen
LTG D12S Chole Dang 180526
Division 12 South
Chloe Dang
LTG D12W Kaitlynn Lee 180526
Division 12 West
Kaitlynn Lee
LTG D13N Jessica Lee 180526
Division 13 North
Jessica Lee
LTG D13S Gerard Legaspi 180526
Division 13 South
Gerard Legaspi
LTG D13W Beverly Jordan 180526
Division 13 West
Beverly Jordan
 180526 4
Division 14/39
Cailin Born
LTG D15E Ethan Lee 180526
Division 15 East
Ethan Lee
LTG D15N Jessica Ortega 180526
Division 15 North
Jessica Ortega
LTG D15S Gina Min 180526
Division 15 South
Gina Min
LTG D16E Emily Tran 180526
Division 16 East
Emily Tran
LTG D16N Evelyn Kong 180526
Division 16 North
Evelyn Kong
LTG D16S Jason Kwon 180526
Division 16 South
Jason Kwon
LTG D16W Vicky Tran 180526
Division 16 West
Vicky Tran
LTG D18E Ryan Cometa 180526
Division 18 East
Ryan Cometa
LTG D18W Savanna Shaw 180526
Division 18 West
Savanna Shaw
LTG D19N Jared Keating 180526
Division 19 North
Jared Keating
LTG D19S Eloise Belandres 180526
Division 19 South
Eloise Belandres
LTG D20 32 Emily Lau 180526
Division 20/32
Emily Lau
LTG D21 Ryan Lieng 180526

Division 21
Ryan Lieng
LTG D22H Lawerence Guittap 180526
Division 22 Hikina
Lawrence Guittap
LTG D22K Halia Hanzawa 180526
Division 22 Komohana
Halia-Alana Hanzawa
LTG D22M Charlene Tan 180526
Division 22 Makai
Charlene Tan
LTG D23 Kathryn Clewett 180526
Division 23
Kathryn Clewett
LTG D24 29 Diane Martinez 180526
Division 24/29
Diane Martinez
LTG D26N Coutney Sanchez 180526
Division 26 North
Courtney Sanchez
LTG D26S Justin Tang 180526
Division 26 South
Justin Tang
LTG D27N Chuofan Yu 180526
Division 27 North
Chuofan Yu
LTG D27S Eunice Nguyen 180526
Division 27 South
Eunice Nguyen
LTG D28E Stefany Merino Rojas 180526
Division 28 East
Estefany Merino Rojas
LTG D28N Daniel Chong 180526
Division 28 North
Daniel Chong
LTG D28S Katrina Orevillo 180526
Division 28 South
Katrina Orevillo
LTG D28W Steven Hoang 180526
Division 28 West
Steven Hoang
LTG D30N Jenny Yoo 180526
Division 30 North
Jenny Yoo

LTG D30S Anjika Morari 180526
Division 30 South
Anjika Morari

LTG D31 Vivi Nguyen 180526
Division 31
Vivi Nguyen

Division 33
LTG D34N Kristie Poon 180526
Division 34 North
Kristie Poon
LTG D34S SadhanaSarma
Division 34 South
Sadhana Sarma
LTG D35E Bill Yen 180526
Division 35 East
Bill Yen
LTG D35W Gina Duong 180526
Division 35 West
Gina Duong
LTG D36E Tam Dao 180526
Division 36 East
Tam Dao
LTG D36W Daniel Sanchez 180526
Division 36 West
Daniel Sanchez
LTG D37E Camille Bianca Luancing 180526
Division 37 East
Camille Luancing
LTG D37N Irin Shim 180526
Division 37 North
Irin Shim
LTG D37S Mylan Mayer 180526
Division 37 South
Mimi Mayer
LTG D37W Karen Mina 180526
Division 37 West
Karen Mina
LTG D38E Juan Navarrete 180526
Division 38 East
Juan Navarrete
LTG D38W Mariah Hernandez 180526
Division 38 West
Mariah Hernandez
 180526 4
Division 39
Cailin Born
LTG D42E Michelle Le 180526
Division 42 East
Michelle Le
LTG D42W Grace Nguyen 180526
Division 42 West
Grace Nguyen
LTG D43 Vy Dang 180526
Division 43
Vy Dang
LTG D44SN Scott Yuki 180526
Division 44 North
Scott Yuki
LTG D44S Jessica Wong 180526
Division 44 South
Jessica Wong
LTG D45 Alexandra Edmondson 180526
Division 45
Alexandra Edmondson
LTG D46N Mia Hargrave 180526
Division 46 North
Mia Hargrave
LTG D46S David Chen 180526
Division 46 South
David Chen
LTG D47 Xavier De Anda 180526
Division 47
Xavier De Anda