OTC in Division 7 North & South

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Officer Training Conference is one of the best times to learn more about the work one might do as an officer. After all, both members and officer are able to attend.

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Emily Nguyen and D7N Melinda Vallar announce closing remarks. (Courtesy of Albert Le)

 At the Division 7 North and 7 South Officer Training Conference, officers and members chose from various workshops, such as the duties of an officer and tips to fundraise successfully. While Officer Training Conference has workshops that primarily focus on how to be the best officer, the workshops also have various other important subjects, such as inviting new members and retaining them. A member can learn all about the duties of his or her officer as well as important miscellaneous duties a member can help his or her officer with. An officer can learn about all the important duties he or she has to do during his or her Key Club term. Additionally, officers will be able to meet and befriend various other officers from different clubs of the same division as well as a different division. Everyone has the opportunity to play numerous icebreakers throughout the Officer Training Conference, so everyone is able to make various new friends. Officer Training Conference is the best event to learn at various workshops and meet various new Key Clubbers from the division. 

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Nick Stringfellow and D7N Nicayo Ramos lead the recruitment and retention workshop. (Courtesy of Albert Le)


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Everyone that attended OTC poses for a group photo. (Courtesy of Albert Le)