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Member Recognition

What is the MR Committee?

"MR" stands for Member Recognition.  The Member Recognition Committee recognizes and awards individuals, clubs, and advisors for their achievements throughout the year.

Access the Recognition reflector here for updates and information throughout the year!


Scholarships (Class of 2017)

Click Here to find out more about the CNH Kiwanis Foundation and their scholarships.


Downloadable Certificates

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Click Here for the 2018-2019 Member Recognition Coordinator Guide!


  • Advisor of the Year | WORD | PDF |
  • Marvin J Christiansen WORD | PDF |


  • Club Attire WORD | PDF |
  • Club of the Year WORD | PDF |
  • Club Poster WORD | PDF |
  • Club Video WORD | PDF |
  • Most Improved Club WORD | PDF |
  • Year in Review (Digital) WORD | PDF |
  • Year in Review (Traditional/Non-traditional) WORD | PDF |





  • Club Website Contest | WORD | PDF |
  • Division Website Contest | WORD | PDF |
  • Website Judging Application | PDF |


  • Club Newsletter Contest | WORD | PDF |
  • Division Newsletter Contest | WORD | PDF |


The CNH Member Recognition Program is a brand new program designed to recognize a large number of dues-paid Key Club members with a minimum of fifty service hours. There are four levels of recognition, as explained in the rubric: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. For more information see the files below.