Lemonade Stand for the Pediatric Trauma Program!

Agoura Key Club members having a Lemonade Stand PTP Fundraiser at a local park! 


On August 18, 2012 in the heat of the Southern California sun a couple of our club members put on a small lemonade stand for PTP. Since many of our other members were on vacation, the 2 participating members made $61.00 in profit all by themselves! Originally planned for the hottest day in August, the lemonade stand was on a surprisingly mild day of weather, with a breeze and a few scattered clouds. This pleasant weather made it easier to stay out for up to 3 hours selling lemonade.

The passing bikers, motorcyclists, and drivers were all friendly customers eager to help our club make our fundraising goal. Throughout the day we met many characters: middle- aged dads riding motorcycles, a young entrepreneur out of college and other friendly people. All of these people cared about our cause, loved our homemade lemonade and in return gave us donations! The beginning of our first lemonade stand fundraiser did not run as smooth as we would have hoped, but in the end our team pulled through. It is definitely a fundraiser which we will try again!