Region Training Conference

All Region Training Conference presentations are available here!

Region Training Conference is put on every year by the current Lt. Governor(s) in your Region or combined Regions. At the Region Training Conference you will meet Key Club members from other clubs in your Region. There will be informative workshops on various topics that will help you and the other members of your club. There will be Icebreakers so you can get to know members of the other clubs in the Region. You will leave this conference knowing so much more about Key Club and how to be a more effective officer, leader and member.

Some of the workshops that may be presented at your RTC are: Membership development, Service Projects, Fundraising, Member Recognition, Running for office, Officer workshops, District Projects, Kiwanis Family, Major Emphasis Project, and Key Club 101 to name a few. You will also get more information about Fall Rally and the CNH District Convention.

This is an event you and the rest of our club members do not want to miss. Plan to have a ton of fun along the way.


DISCLAIMER: Some dates and time may be changed so contact your LTG or Region Advisor for the most accurate information.  TBA: To be Announced








Canyon Crest Academy

Leadership Team Member Attending

TPIE Chair Sehyeon Park

2 10/15/16 TBA Canyon Crest Academy  PIE Chair Sehyeon Park
3 10/8/16 TBA Rancho Alamitos HSl   KFF Chair Johnny Chen
4 10/15/16
TBA UC Riverside Secretary Angel Lau
5 (28) 10/15/16 TBA Green Valley HS 

SP Chair Marie Hashitani, DTE Deidra Dilworth

5 (38) 10/8/16 TBA Seranno HS CM Chair Joceline Yu
6 10/8/16   TBA University of Reno MR Chair Michelle Ng
7 9/24/16 TBA International School of LA Treasurer Shahrukh Shaikh
8 10/8/16 TBA Green Valley HS Treasurer Shahrukh Shaikh
9 10/1-2/16  TBA Camp Jones Gulch Governor Kevin Myron
10 10/15/16 TBA UC Santa Barbara Governor Kevin Myron
11 9/17/16 TBA Exeter Union HS  MRS Chair Minghua Ong
12 9/17/16  TBA Clovis North HS  PIE Chair Sehyeon Park
13 9/24/16 TBA Arroyo HS Governor Kevin Myron
14 9/23-24/16 TBA Yuba City  PIE Chair Sehyeon Park & DCON Chair QuynhAnh Dam
15 9/24/16 TBA TBA SP Chair Marie Hashitani
16 9/24/16 TBA  Pleasant Grove   Secretary Angel Lau
17 10/1-2/16  TBA Camp Jones Gulch Governor Kevin Myron
18 9/17/16 TBA Iolani HS  NONE