District Convention

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    Get Ready for...

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    The 71st Annual Cali-Nev-Ha District Convention
    will be held in Anaheim, CA
    April 7-9, 2017

    Be sure to share these prices with your club members and begin budgeting/planning! These prices only includes the food on Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday as well as other things that will be provided to you at DCON
    *** This does not include transportation or hotel prices.
    • DCON requires a STRICT ratio of chaperones and MUST be followed 
    • 1 Chaperones : 10 Key Clubbers
    • If you have 10 girls and 2 boys, you will need 1 female chaperone and one male chaperones REGARDLESS
    • Chaperones may be shared among other clubs within your division.
    • Start looking for chaperones now!!! 
    • Each chaperone still has to pay the registration fees as well! 
    School Policies 
    • To ensure that you can attend DCON, please look into your school policies. All schools do have policies that must be followed when planning field trips! 
    • Reach out to your school principal, site controller, or associated student body to determine what paperwork is required for your club to attend DCON
    • Similar forms can be School Transportation Form, Chaperone Background Check, School District Approval Request.