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Our committee has planned an assembly for our school, Cloverdale High School, and also for the middle school, Washington Middle School. Since we want Save the Rain to be a community-wide project, we felt it was important to inform as many people as possible about the cause.

Save the Rain is a non-profit organization that brings clean, pure drinking water to communities who do not have access to clean drinking water. So many of us are fortunate enough to be able to buy bottled water, open the faucet, and simply find clean water wherever we go, but that isn’t the case in Tanzania, a small country in Africa. Sometimes we take things for granted and clean water is just one example of that fact. In Tanzania, young women, sometimes kids as little as 6 years old walk 6 miles to bring water back to their homes, every day; and sometimes those walking are carrying 40-pound buckets to collect water to provide for their families. Unfortunately, given that women and female children are considered the most expendable, they are the ones walking for water. This means that they will not receive an education, as they do their walking during the time that school is in session. In Tanzania, it is much more important for the men to receive an education than women. That’s not all, as one of the most horrifying things is that women run a high risk of being sexually abused, kidnapped, or even killed while they are away from the protection of their village. The water these women collect is contaminated with hundreds of diseases and parasites, causing the people who use and consume this water to get sick and possibly die as a result. One of the most common disease is Malaria. Malaria is a disease caused by the protozoan parasite. The protozoan parasite invades the red blood cells and is transmitted by mosquitoes, mosquitoes that live in the water, the water these people are drinking to survive. Save the Rain changes lives! By building rain catchment systems in small villages all across Tanzania, they give the gift of clean drinking water to families and villages in need. All proceeds collected by fundraising go straight to Save the Rain and 100% of the money is put towards building the rain catchment systems. All materials are local and the rain catchment systems are actually built by the community members along with the Save the Rain instructors. From then on, the people will have a lifetime supply of clean drinking water. This is monumental, saving the lives of millions and changing lives for the better. With a mere $15, anyone can help an entire family receive the gift of clean drinking water for a lifetime…

At the beginning of the year, our club committee set a goal to fundraise $11,000 to build a rain catchment system big enough for an entire village. Not only that, but we also want to include other K-Family and additional service clubs in this project, and work together to meet our goal. By doing this, we can join forces and help spread awareness of the cause in many new ways.

So far, we have held 5 committee meetings with our first one taking place over the summer on July 18, 2017. Since then we have made a lot of progress and have already fundraised $357. Every committee meeting has been highly successful; we have been able to start some projects, even though the school year is barely in session! We have been very diligent and have started planning some bigger events that will take place in the beginning of the 2018 year. I will list some of the events we have done so far and give a small description as well.

After-school snack sales – One thing our committee decided on doing was to have after-school snack sales every day. This provides us a daily income. What we sell depends on the weather or what students request. So far, we have sold a variety of things consisting of corn cups, See’s candy, ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, and brownies. Every week we choose a new item to keep the students interested. As the colder months approach and fall settles in, our committee has decided that we will sell hot chocolate and pumpkin spice cupcakes and anything that goes well with the Fall theme. Let’s face it, what’s better than pumpkin spice?

Committee Meetings and Plans Continued…

Friday Night Live Booth – During the summer, the Cloverdale community sponsored an event called Friday Night Live. Friday Night Live is every Friday and it’s a place where you can hang out with friends, dance, and have a good time. It’s kind of like a small flea market with live music, food, and friends. Our Cloverdale Kiwanis were so generous and let us share their spot to put up a Save the Rain booth. From there, we set up our booth and gave out fylers, talked about the cause and spread awareness. Our booth had some water dispensers, one with clean, clear water and the other with dirt-filled water. We used this as a “shock” effect and when people would ask, we would tell them that the dirty water was what families in Africa were drinking. We had a wonderful banner that was sent to us by Save the Rain along with some glass water bottles (pictured below). Overall, our booth was a success and we received donations and money from purchased water bottles.

Save the Rain Assembly:

Our committee has planned an assembly for our school, Cloverdale High School, and also for the middle school, Washington Middle School. Since we want Save the Rain to be a community-wide project, we felt it was important to inform as many people as possible about the cause.

For the assembly we have contacted Kelly Coleman to be the speaker at the assemblies. We had her come a few years back and she is absolutely amazing. She grabs the attention of the entire school and makes it interesting, ensuring that she has everyone’s full attention. The assemblies will be on September 29, 2017 and before the high school assembly, we will be holding a meeting during lunch with our Key Club and have Kelly brainstorm with our members ways that we can further support the cause. We also wanted to do something special for Kelly and we will be providing lunch during our meeting, maybe pizza or Chinese/ Asian cuisine to thank Kelly for taking time off her busy scheldule to come speak to us. On September 28, 2017, we have arranged for both our Kiwanis Club and the local Rotary Club to have Kelly as their meeting speaker.

We have many events planned following the assembly. We have set a goal of giving our school a time limit of 2 weeks to raise $1,000. In exchange, we have found a student willing to shave his hair for the cause. The Vice Principal, who has no hair, has agreed to wear a different wig each day, as we meet $100 increase in money raised, after we reach $500! We will have a thermometer that we will fill in every day to monitor the amount of money raised. Aside from that, we will be having class competitions where it will be teacher vs. teacher, and our teachers here at Cloverdale High School don’t like losing, so this will be interesting. We will also have a table set up during lunch where students can spin a wheel after answering Save the Rain informational questions, and win prizes to spread awareness of what we are doing, and why it’s important to share our wealth with those less fortunate.

That’s not all, we have plans out of school that will involve having joint projects with out Kiwanis and much more! This is definetly something to be excited for! We’re planning a movie night at our local theater, a murder mystery dinner, and a LOT more!

Save the Rain Commmittee:

Our Committee has done an amazing job planning the events and running the project. There is no doubt that we will be successful in meeting our goal and saving hundreds of lives. From the very first committee meeting till now, our committee has gained new members. The picture below is of our committee from our very frist meeting but like it was previously stated, the committee has increased in numbers since. Down below are also pictures from the last 5 committee meetings. It is amazing to see our members being so passoinate about the cause and how much interest they have. We are definitely proud of how much we have accomplished.