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Monthly Report Form:  DUE 10th of the Month

Submission Process

  • To: 
    • CNH Archive (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • Carbon Copy (CC): 
    • Region Advisor Team
  • Subject Line: 
    • D## Work (i.e. D99N Work)
  • Email Body: 
    • Identify the following:
      • the file you are submitting
      • the tabs of the MRF you updated
  • File Naming: 
    • D##_MRF_1718 (e.g. D99N_MRF_1718)


  • Please ensure that your Divisional Directory is as complete as possible before clubs break for the summer (please be sure to include the faculty advisor contact information as well). Once the clubs go off to break, you may not be able to get their information, so please try to get these contact informations ahead of time. 
  • Please remind your secretaries of the importance of submitting ACCURATE and TIMELY service hours. We want to have the most accurate representation of all our District's hard works of service, so please encourage your secretaries to have precise documentation of service hours.
  • Do not procrastinate in completing your MRF as it will take time for you to accurately fill-in data and complete thorough reflections.
  • Important: Club MRFs submitted on or before the 5th should be considered on-time. It is important you abide by this District and International Policy, even if you have identified an earlier deadline for MRFs in the division you serve.
  • Email your Club Officers to remind them of their MRF submissions! Maybe you can attach the new MRF file to help them out.