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District Leader Applications

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If you are interested in a Leadership Team Chair or Coordinator Team position, please review the following applications to see which one would would fit your qualifications and interests. Please read the duties - terms and conditions - section carefully to see if you are going to be able to fullfill those. Remember to read the application carefully and follow all the instructions for submitting your application.  

SPECIAL NOTE: You MUST also register yourself as a District Candidate HERE before the deadline date. 

The deadline for applications is MAY 2, 2017. CLOSED


District News Editor

District Tech Editor 

Communications and Marketing Chair

District Convention Chair 

Kiwanis Family & Foundation Chair

Member Recognition Chair

Member Relations Chair 

Policy, International Business, & Elections Chair

Service Projects Chair

District Visual Media Editor


College Expo Coordinator

Graphics Department Coordinator

Key Leader Coordinator

Pediatric Trauma Program Coordinator

Sergeant at Arms

Service EXPO Coordinator